Version 4.0

Orbeytron is our official chatbot which also handles our monthly Orbits raffle. Every single month we give out amazing prizes from our partners that everyone in our community can win. Earn Orbits by being a part of our community with chat bets, heists, different giveaways, and more. Full list of Orbits breakdown and how to earn them below.

Loyalty Points

Our loyalty point currency is called Orbits, you earn Orbits by watching, partaking in stream events and more.

Special Events

We often run Special Events to earn Orbits, these may involve partaking in games or challenges.


In Orbeytron v4.0 we bring back the popular Heisting system with different stages. More events may be coming soon.

User Ranks

By watching the stream you earn hours, the more hours you get the higher your rank is. User Ranks have no affect on Orbits.


Betting is back, this time with two variations. Play the Odds and Play to Win. Earn Orbits by betting on Orb’s games!


Orbeytron and Orbits support giveaways, these can be raffles at the end of the month, in the middle or at any time during streams!

Loyalty Points

Orbits are our chat currency, these can be used in many events such as; bets, heists, other mini-games, and raffles. You are able to check your Orbit count via whispers and in-chat using the “!orbits” command.

Orbits Gain:
There are a number of ways to increase your Orbits count. In this section we will look at the base gains by just being in chat.

While the channel is live…
– A Viewer receives 25 Orbits every 5 minutes.
– A Subscriber will receive 50 Orbits every 5 minutes.
– An Active Viewer will receive an additional 25 Orbits every 5 minutes, totalling 50 Orbits.
– An Active Subscriber will receive an additional 25 Orbits every 5 minutes, totalling 75 Orbits.

You are also able to gain Orbits…
– On Raiding the channel the raider will receive 5000 Orbits.
– On Following the channel the follower will receive 1000 Orbits.
– On Hosting the channel the user will receive 500 Orbits (This is available once every 24 hours).

When donating you will receive 1000 Orbits per 1 USD/EUR/GBP. E.g. $50 donation you will receive 50,000 Orbits.

Subscribing to the channel will also offer Orbits…
– A Tier 1 Subscription will give 10,000 Orbits to the subscriber
– A Tier 2 Subscription will give 25,000 Orbits to the subscriber
– A Tier 3 Subscription will give 80,000 Orbits to the subscriber

Resubscribing to the channel will give you additional Orbits, every Month you resubscribe you will receive 1000 Orbits, along with your subscription Orbits shown above.

When someone Gifts a Subscription to someone in chat, everyone in the chat will receive 10,000 Orbits.

Commands: Loyalty Points

Orbits Commands:

!orbits – You will receive a whisper from Orbeytron: “X you currently have X Orbits, you have been in the chat for X hours and are rank: X

Special Events

Hourly Orbits payout is a special lottery that runs every hour while the stream is live and awards a user in the chat with Orbits, between 1000 and 10000 Orbits.

During Special Streams there may be additional Orbits multipliers active. This will vary from stream to stream. For example: 16 hour streams could have Double Orbits for 16 hours.

Daily Payout is a special payout which you can use every 24 hours. This awards you with Orbits, between 1000 and 10000 Orbits. This can only be done while the stream is online. – Use the command “!daily” while the stream is live.

Commands: Special Events

Daily Orbits:

!daily – You will receive a whisper from Orbeytron: You have successfully collected you daily pay of X Orbits! You may try again in X seconds to aim for another payout.”



Heisting is a popular mini-game where you heist an amount of Orbits with other people and raid a location at the risk of losing what you put into the heist.

Level 1: IKEA Warehouse
Maximum Users: 2
Win Percentage: 54%
Payout Multiplier: x0.5

Level 2: Orb’s Hidden Stash
Maximum Users: 5
Win Percentage: 48.8%
Payout Multiplier: x0.7

Level 3: Red Bull Warehouse
Maximum Users: 10
Win Percentage: 42.5%
Payout Multiplier: x1.0

Level 4: Orb’s Merch Store
Maximum Users: 15
Win Percentage: 38.7%
Payout Multiplier: x1.25

Level 5: Temple of Forgotten Memes
Maximum Users: 20
Win Percentage: 32.4%
Payout Multiplier: x1.75

There is no limit to how many Orbits you can buy into the heist with. As time goes on we may add additional locations to the heist system.

Commands: Mini-Games


!heist <amount> – This will either start or join a heist.

e.g. !heist 5000 will put in 5000 Orbits and start/join a heist.

If the heist has started you will see the following in chat: “X is trying get a team together for some serious heist business! Use “!heist [Orbits]” to join in!”

If the heist has already started you will receive the following whisper: “You have joined the heist with 1000 Orbits!

You are able to change your entry Orbits by doing the heist command.

User Ranks

User Ranks are based on hours you have spent in the stream, watching and chatting.

Bronze I1 Hour
Bronze II2 Hours
Bronze III3 Hours
Silver I4 Hours
Silver II5 Hours
Silver III6 Hours
Silver Elite7 Hours
Silver Elite Master8 Hours
Gold Nova9 Hours
Gold I10 Hours
Gold II11 Hours
Gold III12 Hours
Gold Nova Master14 Hours
Master Guardian16 Hours
Master Guardian Elite18 Hours
Platinum I20 hours
Platinum II24 Hours
Platinum III28 Hours
Distinguished Master Guardian30 Hours
Diamond I32 Hours
Diamond II34 Hours
Diamond III36 Hours
Legendary Eagle38 Hours
Legendary Eagle Master40 Hours
Supreme Master First Class45 Hours
The Global Elite50 Hours
Master90 Hours
Grand Master120 Hours
Inquisitor150 Hours
Grand Inquisitor200 Hours
Royal Inquisitor250 Hours
Elder Inquisitor500 Hours
Inquisitor Overlord750 Hours
Advisor1,000 Hours
Mercenary1,250 Hours
Dragon Lord1,500 Hours
Sentinel1,750 Hours
High Sentinel2,000 Hours
Grand Sentinel2,200 Hours
Royal Sentinel2,400 Hours
Incredible Ambassador2,600 Hours
Incredible2,800 Hours
Legendary Incredible3,000 Hours
Incredible ★☆☆☆☆3,500 Hours
Incredible ★★☆☆☆4,000 Hours
Incredible ★★★☆☆4,500 Hours
Incredible ★★★★☆5,000 Hours
Incredible ★★★★★5,500 Hours
Custom Rank6,000 Hours


Betting has returned again, this time with two types:
1. Play the Odds
2. Play to Win

“Play the Odds” bets are where you can try and sneak in to the bet and win big by going against the grain.

“Static Percentage” bets are where there are no odds, only a static win rate.

You’ll need to pay attention on stream and in chat to know which are running, they use different commands.

Difference: You now need to type out the option you wish to bet on. If the option is Win or Lose, you must type Win or Lose where an option is required.

Commands: Betting

Play the Odds

Play the Odds:

You can identify when a Play the Odds bet is open by looking at the opening message. “A Play the Odds bet is now opened!…’

Play to Odds Example:

Bet: Will Orb make Top 20 – Options: Top 20, Not Top 20
Joining the bet: !betting points option (e.g. !betting 1000 Top 20)

Play to Win

Play to Win:

You can identify when a Play to Win bet is open by looking at the opening message. “A Play to Win bet is now opened!…’

Play to Win Example:

Bet: Will Orb make Top 20 – Options: Top 20, Not Top 20
Joining the bet: !bet points option (e.g. !bet 1000 Top 20)



The Monthly Raffle happens during the last stream of the month, these are for a special item that you can find out about here. These are usually desired and valuable items provided by our amazing sponsors.

Our Monthly Raffle is done via Tickets, you will be required to buy tickets during the final stream (usually open for around 24 hours).


During the month you may find that there are spontaneous giveaways, these will most likely coincide with an event that is going on, or a play through of a game, or a subscriber goal.

There are a number of ways that giveaways are held on the channel, sometimes they will follow the same format as the Monthly Raffle, some may utilise a Keyword. While others may be off site on Twitter, Gleam, or apart of a sponsors site.

Commands: Giveaways

Monthly Orbits Raffles

The Monthly Orbits Raffles are easy to join in on, you need to collect a total of 10,000 Orbits for a raffle ticket, and then buy your tickets during the final stream of the month.

!tickets x – You will receive a whisper from Orbeytron with confirmation of your purchase. We recommend you do this via whispers so you can keep track of how many tickets you hold.


The commands for giveaways will primarily be dependent on the delivery.

Keyword Giveaways will be randomly done throughout a stream where you need to enter a certain keyword. For example with a Sneak giveaway the keyword could be “!Sneak“.

Offsite Giveaways will usually have a command associated with them, for example A Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Mystery Box the command associated with it will be in the title. In this case it was “!mystery“.

We always inform our viewers regularly on how to participate in giveaways that are ongoing, be sure to follow Orb on Twitter to stay up to date on giveaways.